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526 3D Objects
Changing object properties
Access object properties
Object properties can be changed in the E3D Editor when it is in Inspector mode. The properties of the selected object are listed in the Inspector pane, as shown at right.
The steps to change an object’s properties are: Open the E3D window
Access the E3D Editor by pressing F11
Select the WEI mode by pressing F3 (Or choose the com- mand Window > World Editor Inspector within the E3D window.)
Select the object in the animation area or in the Tree
Move the object
The position property is listed in X Y Z format, for instance as “9.125 -8.875 100”. Changing the first position number for that hypothetical object from 9.125 to 11.125 would move the object 2 animation meters (40 pixels) to the right. (The dis- tance is based on the conversion ratios specified in the Run > Simulation Setup > 3D Animation tab, discussed on
page 551.)
In the Inspector pane:
Change the values for the position property
Click the Apply button
Try changing the position for the barrel or door object in the HowToE3D model from
page 520.
Save the position
If the object was created by the 2D model, saving the model saves the object’s position. If the object was not created by the 2D model, save the environment file to save its position. This is discussed in “Saving changes” on page 532.
Show or hide objects
By default most 3D objects are visible in the E3D window. An obvious exception are paths, which are invisible unless you make them visible. Like other object properties, visibility is an object property that can be manipulated. For instance, you may want to show or hide a piece of scenery in an environment file depending on the model. That would allow one environment file to be used by multiple models with different scenery needs.
When animating in 3D you might want to: • Hide a normally visible object
• Show a normally invisible object
• Switch between hiding and showing an object based on some condition or situation • Hideorshowallobjectsofaparticulartype
Properties for Create block’s object

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