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3D Objects 527
Changing object properties
☞ Objects that have been created by blocks should be hidden and shown using dialog options; the model should then be saved to save those changes. Objects that are not associated with blocks can be hidden and shown using the E3D Editor; this is a modification to the environment file and requires that the environment file be saved.
Hiding an object
It is common that a block performs a function in the 2D model but you want its representative object hidden in the E3D window. Scenery objects created using the E3D Editor, as well as objects that represent items or other moveable constructs, can also be hidden.
Objects can be hidden by:
• Unchecking a dialog option
• Using a waypoint as a representation
• Using the E3D Editor
• WithequationblocksorprogrammingwithModLcode,asdiscussedintheDeveloperRef- erence
Hide objects that represent blocks
You might want a particular block to not have a
visible object representation. If the block is from
the Item or Animation 2D-3D library, the easiest
way to do this is to uncheck the field Show
block in 3D window as. In the Item library this is located in the Block Animation tab, as shown above right. This causes the block to have no representation in the E3D window, no matter what object is selected in the object popup menu.
Another way to hide an object is to create a way- point object to represent the block. A waypoint is a special type of 3D object that is invisible and just marks a position in the E3D window; it is discussed on page 533.
Marking an invisible object
Compared to making the object invisible, the advantage of using a waypoint is that the way- point’s location can be used for a particular purpose. For instance, one object could be made to move toward a waypoint, although the waypoint would be invisible in the E3D window.
Objects that represent items
In a discrete event model, items move from one Item
library block to another. By default all items have a 3D
object representation. By unchecking an option in the
Create block’s Item Animation tab, as shown here, you can choose to not create objects in the E3D window to represent items. Note that the model must be saved to save this change.
Scenery objects
A scenery object that has been created in the E3D window, but which does not correspond to a block in the model, can also be hidden for a particular model or for a certain purpose.
The process for doing this is the same as for changing a scenery
object’s position property, as described in “Change object prop-
erty values” on page 525. If the scenery object’s visible property “Visible” property unselected is displayed in the Inspector pane, unselecting that property will
cause the object to become invisible. Note that the environment file would need to be saved.
Making an object invisible
Making the items invisible

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