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3D Objects
Changing object properties
Hiding a group of objects
You might want an entire group of blocks to not create objects in the E3D window. This is par- ticularly true for passing or decision blocks like the Set or Select Item Out blocks in the Item library.
Objects that represent groups of Item library blocks
Rather than hide each individual object, as described earlier, you can use the 3D Controller block (Animation 2D-3D library) to select a group of objects to be represented as waypoints. This causes the objects to not appear in the E3D win- dow but to instead just have their positions marked.
3D Controller: hiding objects
The 3D Controller block’s 3D Options tab has sev-
eral choices for which category of block should be represented as a waypoint. The categories are based on divisions for the Item library blocks – all blocks (residence, passing, and deci- sion), passing blocks, decision blocks, or only Transport blocks.
☞ Although these options apply mainly to Item library blocks, custom blocks can be designated with those categories and the 3D Controller block will hide the representative objects.
Objects that represent 3D Scenery blocks
In the Scenery tab of the 3D Controller (Animation 2D-3D library), you can choose to hide all objects that have been created using the 3D Scenery block (Animation 2D-3D library). This tab also has options for hiding the icon of the 3D Scenery block in the 2D model and/or the footprint of the 3D object.
Showing an object
3D Controller: hiding scenery objects
Since most objects are visible by default, the process for making them visible after they have been hidden is the reverse of hiding them (see above).
The path object is one of the few that is invisible by default. Causing the path object to be visi- ble in the E3D window is discussed in “To modify path properties (optional)” on page 543.
Conditionally showing and hiding
Some common ways of showing and hiding an object in the E3D window are:
• Withthe3DTextblock(Animation2D-3Dlibrary).
• UsingtheAnimate3DblockfromtheAnimation2D-3D.(Thisisanadvancedmethod;see page 558.)
• WithequationblocksorprogrammingwithModLcode,asdiscussedintheDeveloperRef- erence.
3D text block
The input connector on a 3D Text block (Animation 2D-3D
library) can create text in the E3D window if certain condi-
tions occur. To cause the input connector to appear, select 3D
object when input connector is true in the block’s dialog.
Then connect to the connector to cause the sequence you want. During the simulation, the text
Dialog option for 3D Text block

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