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530 3D Objects
Changing object properties
To access the WEI
Open the E3D window
Access the E3D Editor by pressing F11
Select the WEI (World Editor Inspector) mode by choosing it in the Window menu or pressing F3
Using the Gizmo
The Gizmo was introduced on page 507. Among other tasks, it can be used to rotate objects.
Access the WEI, as shown above.
Select the object in the E3D window
Gizmo for Barrel object
Press the ALT key (Windows) or the Command (Apple) key
(Macintosh) while using the mouse to drag one of the Gizmo’s X/Y/Z arms. The arm will turn yellow when it is selected.
Save the environment file to save the changes, as discussed in “Saving changes” on page 532.
This rotates the object around the axis associated with the selected arm. Rotation around the Z axis is the standard kind of rotation used in the ExtendSim libraries.
Changing rotation property values
The selected object’s rotation can be changed by chang- ing the value of its rotation property. The rotation prop- erty is expressed as four numbers – the first three are factors and the fourth is an angle in degrees. The three multipliers determine the amount by which the object is rotated around its axis based on the angle number.
Properties for the Barrel object
For example, a value of “0 0 1 90.0” means that the
object is rotated 90 degrees around the Z axis. A value of “1 0 1 45.0” would mean that the object is rotated 45 degrees around both the X and the Z axes.
The most common form of rotation in the ExtendSim modeling world is around the Z axis, as this will rotate the front of the object on the flat plane.
To rotate the object using its rotation property: Access the WEI, as shown above
Select the object in the E3D window
In the Inspector pane:
Change the values for the rotation property
Click the Apply button
Save the environment file to save the changes, as discussed in “Saving changes” on
page 532.
Scale an object
Depending on the object, there are several ways a 3D object can be scaled: • If the object was created by the 2D model:

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