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3D Objects 531
Changing object properties
• Changethescalesettingsinthecorrespondingblock’sBlockAnimationtabor,for items, in the Create block’s Item Animation tab.
• Set the object’s scale using the Animate 3D block. (This is an advanced method; see page 558.)
• If the object wasn’t created using the 2D model:
• Use the World Editor Inspector mode of the E3D Editor to scale the object with the Gizmo or to change the value of its scale property
• UseanequationblockorprogramwithModLfunctions(discussedintheDeveloper Reference)
Scenery and other 3D objects created in the E3D window using the E3D Editor can be scaled using the Editor, but a 3D object created by the 2D model can only be permanently scaled by changing block dialog settings or by using the Animate 3D block.
Using the Block Animation or Item Animation tab
If an object has been created by the 2D model, its scale can be adjusted in the block’s dialog. In any block’s Block Animation tab, or (for items) in the Create block’s Item Animation tab: Enter a number in the scale field:
☞ The scale is relative to 1 and a blank is the same as 1. Thus a scale of 2 would cause the object to be twice the default size and a scale of 0.5 would cause it to be half the default size.
Close the block’s dialog
The object’s scale value is saved when the model is saved
➠ For example, use the “How To E3D” model you created on page 520. Change the scale of the Activity block, then close the block’s dialog to see the effect on the machine object in the E3D window.
Scale the object using the World editor
If an object has been created using the E3D Editor, it can be scaled in the E3D window. To do this, either:
• ScaletheobjectwiththeGizmoinanyWorldmode
• Or, change the value of the object’s scale property in the World Editor Inspector The object’s scale is saved when the environment file is saved.
To access the WEI
Open the E3D window
Access the E3D Editor by pressing F11
Select the WEI (World Editor Inspector) mode by choosing it in the Window menu or pressing F3
Using the Gizmo
The Gizmo was introduced on page 507. Among other tasks, it can be used to scale objects.
Access the WEI, as shown above Select the object in the E3D window
Gizmo for Barrel object

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