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Saving an environment file
With the E3D window as the active window:
• Ifthemodel’scurrentenvironmentfileisthedefaultExtend3D.misfile,youwillnotbeper- mitted to make changes to the environment file. Instead, with the E3D Editor as the active window, give the command File > Save Environment As and save the environment file under a new name.
• Foranyotherenvironmentfile,withtheE3DEditorastheactivewindow,usetheFile> Save Environment command to save changes.
You can name the file any name you want. It will be saved in the same directory or folder as the model is located.
If the model uses a new environment file, or a renamed environment file, you must also save the model. This ensures that the model will be associated with the proper environment file.
☞ You will not be able to save changes to the default Extend3D.mis file; you must use the Save Environment As command instead. Furthermore, the Save commands in the E3D window or E3D Editor window do not affect any changes made to the 2D model.
A waypoint is a special type of 3D object that marks a position but is invisible in the E3D win- dow. Waypoints are useful for keeping non-essential blocks from being represented as visible objects in the E3D window. They are also helpful for marking positions as destinations for object movement in the E3D window. They can be given labels to act as signage for the anima- tion.
Creating a waypoint
There are several ways to create waypoints:
• SelectWaypointasthe3DobjectforanyItemlibraryblock • Usethe3DSceneryblock(Animation2D-3Dlibrary)
• Create a waypoint in the E3D Editor
☞ Waypoints can never be made visible in the E3D window but their labels will be visible.
Create a waypoint object in an Item library block
A waypoint object is created the same way any other object is created, as is shown for the Cre- ate block on “Using an Item library block” on page 517.
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