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3D Objects
Mounting objects
In the E3D Editor
Accessing the E3D Editor’s World Editor Creator:
Access the WEC as was done in “Accessing the E3D Editor” on page 520
Creating the waypoint object
In the Creator Tree (the lower pane on the right): Open the Shapes category
Open the Markers sub-category
Click the WayPointMarker object
This will create a waypoint in the E3D window’s animation area. The location will be marked but no object will appear in the E3D window.
Choosing a waypoint as a destination
If a block is represented by a waypoint in the E3D window, that waypoint will automatically be chosen as the destination for items traveling to the block. To specifically target a waypoint as a destination for item objects that don’t travel through the block, use the Set Waypoint option in the Animate 3D block (Animation 2D-3D library).
Mounting objects
The process of attaching one 3D object (the “rider”) to a certain point on another 3D object (the “mount”) is known as mounting.
Each 3D object has one mounting node and at least one mount point.
• Themountingnodeistheriderobject’slocationthatwillbeattachedtothemountobject. For instance, a Suitcase object’s handle is its mounting node. Custom objects have a maxi- mum of 20 nodes.
• Amountpointisthelocationonthemountobjectwheretheriderobjectcanbeattached.In the case of Male and Female mount objects, you would usually attach the handle of the Suit- case to their hands (mount point 1), rather than to their heads (mount point 0).
In many cases, mounting is performed automatically by the blocks. For example, the Activity block will, by default, mount the 3D object that represents the items being processed onto the block’s 3D object.
Furthermore, mounting causes some automatic actions. For instance, mounting a Box object onto a Male object automatically attaches the Box to the mount point on the Male object. The Male object then adjusts its animation to change its hand position, so that it looks as if it is holding the Box. If the Male is then given a destination, the Box will travel along with the Male object.
An object that represents an item can be mounted on an object that represents a block. Like- wise, any 3D object can be mounted on the objects that represent items. And while it is not a requirement, an object that has been mounted on another object can also be unmounted.
Item object on block object
An object that represents an item can be mounted on an object that represents a residence-type block.
Selecting a waypoint

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