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3D Objects 537
Other object information
Sounds played in the E3D window are represented as 3 dimensional sounds. If you move the camera in the E3D window closer or further from the machine, or turn to the left or right, the volume and direction of the sound will change accordingly.
Object ID
An ObjectID is a unique value associated with an object that the E3D environment uses to identify the object. Every object has an Object ID, including GUI objects such as the camera, and objects created by a model’s blocks, by the E3D Editor, or by programming.
The value of the ObjectID is the main identifier that the E3D window uses to identify the objects it needs to support. For example the camera object, mentioned in “MiniMap and cam- era” on page 469, has an objectID. Knowing this allows you to call any of the other ModL functions that take an ObjectID value on the Camera. You could then use this information to dynamically set the position of the camera while an object is moving, so the camera follows along with the moving object.
For objects that represent items, the value of their ObjectID is stored in their _3D objectID property. This allows you to perform actions on item objects by referencing that property.
The BlockNumber property is defined in the WEI, but is not available through the dialogs of blocks in the Item Library. This property is used to contain the block number of the block from the 2D model that created the 3D object. It is used internally by the Item library block code and is not something that you will ever want to change. However, viewing it can be useful for informational or debugging purposes.
GroupTag and UserTag
Like the BlockNumber, the GroupTag and UserTag properties are used internally by the block code of the Item library blocks. They are described in the Developer Reference.

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