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Movement, Paths, and Terrains
Traveling time
This chapter shows how to:
• Use the Transport and Convey Item blocks to represent item movement and travel time
• Create custom pathways for items and other moveable entities to travel
• Change the terrain
☞ This chapter assumes you have read all the Tutorial chapters for the E3D module and the “Environment Files & E3D Editors” chapter. Example models for this chapter are located in the folder \ExtendSim\Examples\3D Animation.
Traveling time
In a discrete event model, items move from block to block as dictated by the connections. These connections indicate the direction of movement, but they don’t provide any delay for the items. If travel time is significant, it is common to either:
• Increase the delay time of destination blocks to compensate for the travel time
• Specify a minimum wait time in a Queue block’s Options tab to simulate travel time
In a logical model, these approaches work well for simulating behavior and result in correct item travel times. When the model is animated in 2D or 3D, however, item/objects visually jump from block/object to block/object. This is rarely what you would want to see.
Instead of implying a travel time, it can be explicitly set in a Convey Item or Transport block (both from the Item library). When the model is then animated, multiple items will move simultaneously at a certain speed from one point to another, rather than jumping from object to object. The Transport and Convey Item blocks are the primary way to show multiple 3D objects moving at the same time in the E3D window.
☞ The Behavior and Options tabs of the Convey Item and Transport blocks are discussed in “Transportation and material handling” on page 200.
Setting travel time in a Transport or Convey Flow block
Simultaneous item movement
If the Add connection line animation command is enabled in the Run menu, 2D animation shows items moving from block to block. To show events as they occur, items do not move simultaneously and the movement is displayed without a time delay.
When a model is animated in 3D using the QuickView mode, the 2D animation is directly translated into 3D animation and 3D item objects will likewise move from one 3D block object to the next without any time delay.
To have an animation where items don’t jump from one block to another, you need to show items moving as they are delayed. You do this by setting a travel time in either a Transport or Convey Item block. This results in an animation delay that corresponds to the time that the item spends in transit from one block to another.
There are two methods to add a travel time delay:
• Right-clickablock’sitemoutputconnectorandchoose“AddTransportfollowingthis block”. A Transport block will be inserted between the output connector of that block and the input connector of the next downstream block.
• AddaConveyItemorTransportblock(Itemlibrary)tothemodelasyouwouldanyother block.

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