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This will both create a folder named Path 1 and store Marker A within that folder.
In the animation area, use the Gizmo to position the marker at the appropriate X/Y/Z location
Create additional markers until you have as many as you need for this path, storing them in the Path 1 folder
Save the environment file
To modify path properties (optional)
Like other E3D objects, paths have properties that can be modified using the E3D Editor or through ModL functions. A path’s proper- ties are most commonly changed to make it a looping path or to cause it to be visible in the E3D window.
To change a path’s properties, use the WEI:
• Selectthepath’sfolderintheTreepane,asshownatthe right.
• IntheInspectorpane,findandchangetheproperty– looping or visible, as discussed below.
• ClickApplytosavethepropertychange
• Save the environment file
Each path has a property that determines whether or not it is a looping path. If the path is looping, an object on the path will return to the first marker after it reaches the last marker. To cause a path to be loop- ing:
Select the path in the WEI Tree In the WEI Inspector pane:
Check the IsLooping property checkbox Click Apply
Save the environment file
Visible and colored paths
Path folders with markers
Movement, Paths, and Terrains 543
Path selected in Tree
Creating paths
By default, paths are not visible in the E3D window (they are never visible in the 2D model). Setting a path to visible will display the path in the E3D window. A visible path can also have a color. To cause a path to be visible:
Select the path in the WEI Tree In the WEI Inspector pane:
Check the visible property checkbox Click Apply
Save the environment file
Path properties: looping and visible

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