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Movement, Paths, and Terrains 545
ing again on other sections of the terrain will add them to the selection. Clicking while holding down the Ctrl key will remove the nodes under the brush from the selection. After selecting whatever portion of the terrain you wish, select the Adjust Selection menu command to raise and lower that selection. When this is selected, moving the mouse forward will raise the selected terrain, and moving the mouse backward will lower it.
☞ The Action and Brush menu commands are described starting on page 560. Modifying the terrain
For example, to modify the terrain or “floor” of the E3D window:
With the E3D window the active window, click F11 to access the E3D Editor In the E3D window, choose the command Window > Terrain Texture Painter
On the right side of the window, the Texture pane appears with six slots for selecting tex- tures. (The Texture pane is shown on page 512.) Notice that, by default the Grid texture has been selected. This is the default texture for the default (Extend3D.mis) environment file.
Click the Change button below the Grid texture pane
In the Open File window that appears, expand the Extend 3D folder by clicking the + sign. Expand the data folder by clicking the + sign
Within the data folder, select the terrains folder so that the textures appear to the right, as shown in the screenshot to the right.
Select the GridGreen texture and click Load. The floor will change to a green colored grid.
Press F11 again to leave the Editor
To save the environment file, see “Saving changes” on page 532.
☞ As with custom paths, changing the terrain is a modification of the environment file. To save ter- rain changes, the environment file must be saved.
No two slots can have the same
texture. When changing or add-
ing a texture, the new texture must be different from those already in any slot. Otherwise, the new selection will not have any effect. For instance, there will be no effect if you try to change the “Grid” texture to the “Grass” texture, and there is already a slot with “Grass” as its texture.
Textures for terrain

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