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Tips and Reference
E3D commands, options, and settings
5) TheItemAnimationorBlockAnimationtabsshowmovingpreviewsof3Dobjects.Leav- ing these tabs open while the animation is running will impact performance.
E3D commands, options, and settings
ExtendSim has many application-level commands, settings, and options that affect the appear- ance of the E3D window and the behavior of the animation.
Opening the E3D window
Since the commands to display 3D animation are linked to each other, the E3D window auto- matically opens whenever the associated model opens:
• IfthecommandRun>Show3DAnimationhasbeencheckedforthatmodel
• Or,ifShow3Danimationduringsimulationrunhasbeencheckedforthatmodelinthe Run > Simulation Setup > 3D Animation tab
To manually cause the E3D window to open, do one of the following:
• Give the command Window > E3D Window
• Or,clicktheOpenE3DWindowtoolinthetoolbar
• Or, click Ctrl+3 (Windows) or command+3 (Macintosh)
☞ A model must be open for the E3D window to open. Also, it may take some time for the E3D window to initialize and open.
3D tab in Options dialog
Selecting the command Edit > Options > 3D tab dis- plays the dialog on the right. This tab has several set- tings that control aspects of the E3D window.
☞ These settings apply to every 3D animation, not just the one associated with the currently active model.
• Shadows.Checkingthisoptioncausesobjectsin
the E3D window to cast shadows. By default this option is not selected since calculating shadows is computationally intensive and can slow the animation.
• Sounds. Enables objects with sound capability to make a sound. Some of the 3D objects have ambient sounds and, if you program, there are ModL functions associated with playing sounds from the E3D window.
• Footprints&vehicletrails.Thesearecosmeticadditionstothedisplayingofthe3Dobjects. The footprints are left after the motion of people objects and the vehicle trails after the motion of vehicles such as cars or forklifts.
• MiniMap.ThisoptiontogglesthedisplayingoftheMiniMapontheE3Dwindow;itis checked by default. This map is quite useful for location information when building a model, but may not be necessary for presentation.
• 3Dwindowoutsideapplication(Windowsonly).Bydefault,theE3Dwindowbehaveslikea child window of the ExtendSim application. In the default behavior, the window resides within the ExtendSim application window just like any other ExtendSim window. If the
3D tab in Options dialog

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