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• TransportAnimation
Most of the blocks in the Item library, as well as the Tank and Interchange blocks (Rate library) and the Animate 3D block (Animation 2D-3D library), have Item Animation and Block Ani- mation tabs. The Convey Item and Transport blocks (Item library) also have a Transport Ani- mation tab.
Item Animation tab
This tab is for choosing objects to represent items in the E3D window. If a block has an Item Animation tab, the tab has a core set of options that are the same for each block. Some blocks have additional options that are explained below.
Core options
The item options create an object to represent the item as it leaves the block. The options are:
• Donotchangeitemanimation.The3Dobjectisthesamefortheitemleavingtheblockas when the item entered the block.
• Changeallitemsto.Allowsyoutoselectanobjecttorepresenteachitemthatleavesthe block.
• Changeitemanimationusingproperty.Youcanchoosewhichobjectwillrepresentwhich item based on the item’s properties (attributes, priority, and so forth).
These options are discussed in “Selecting an animation picture” on page 631.
Create blocks
The Create block has choices for the Item Ani- mation tab that are not present in other Item library blocks:
• Representitemsasobjectsin3Dwindow.Whenthisoptionischecked,a3Dobjectwillbe created whenever this block generates an item. If it is not checked, no object is created to represent the item. (The list of objects to represent items is shorter than the list of all Extend- Sim objects; only objects with a group tag of items, players, and wheeled vehicles can be used to represent an item in this block.)
• Rotation. Sets the rotation in degrees of the 3D item object around the Z axis.
• Scale. Sets the scale in the X/Y/Z dimensions of the 3D item object relative to its natural size, which has a scale of 1.
• 3DPosition.Whenchecked,changestheinitialpositionofthe3DobjecttothespecifiedX, Y, and Z coordinates. Leaving a coordinate blank will use the location of the 3D block object as the coordinate for the 3D item object.
• Collidable.Whenenabled,the3Dobjectswillcollidewitheachotherandnotoccupythe same 3D area. This is useful for representing items waiting in a queue. If this is not checked, 3D objects can occupy the same 3D space. This option is only relevant to the concurrent and buffered modes.
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