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Dialog tabs for animation
Batch blocks
Batch blocks provide two choices on their Item Animation tabs for what should happen to the 3D object when two or more items are batched together:
• Createnew3Danimationobject.Anew3Dobjectwillbecreatedtorepresenttheitems that have arrived to this block. If Do not change item animation is selected in the Item Animation tab (the default setting), the 3D object will be determined by the _animation attri- bute option in the block’s Properties tab. This can be overridden by choosing Change all items to or Change item animation using property to change the animation object in the Item Animation tab.
• Mountobjects(preserveuniquenessrequired;notavailableinQuickView).Theorig- inal 3D objects coming into the batch block are mounted onto a base object. The base object corresponds to the 3D object associated with the first item to arrive at the connector that has been selected by The base object is the item from the connector.
Activity and Workstation blocks
The Item Animation tabs of Activity and Work- station blocks have these additional 3D options:
• Mount item while activity is ongoing. Mounts the 3D item object on the 3D block object while the activity is running. For instance, this could be used to show parts being processed by the Machine object.
• Unmount[-X,+Y,-Y,+X].IfMountitemwhileactivityisongoingisenabled,thisspeci- fies the direction that the mounted object will initially move to when it is unmounted.
• Distance(m).IfMountitemwhileactivityisongoingisenabled,thisspecifiesthedis- tance that the mounted object will initially move when it is unmounted. The direction is determined by the Unmount [-X, +Y, -Y, +X] option.
Block Animation tab
This tab is used to create a 3D object to represent the block in the E3D window.
Core options
The following options are common to the Block Animation tabs of Item library blocks.
• Show block in 3D win-
dow as. When this
option is checked, a 3D
object will be created
to represent the block.
If it is not checked, no object is created. The popup menu provides a choice of objects to rep- resent the block. Choosing a waypoint object causes an invisible marker, instead of a visible object, to be created in the E3D window to represent the block.
• Rotation. Sets the rotation in degrees of the 3D item object around the Z axis.

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