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Dialog tabs for animation
• Scale. Sets the scale in the X/Y/Z dimensions of the 3D item object relative to its natural size, which has a scale of 1.
• 3DPosition(X,Y,Z).IfLink2D/3Disenabled,displaysthepositioninthe3Dwindowof the 3D object for this block. If Link 2D/3D if turned off, the fields can be used to set the position of the 3D object in the 3D window.
• Collidable.Turnsonthecollidableflagforthe3Dobjectrepresentingthisblock.Whencol- lidable is enabled, other 3D objects will be prevented from occupying the same 3D space as this object.
• Zisgroundlevel.SetstheZcoordinatetowhatevergroundlevelhasbeensetto.Thisisuse- ful if ground level has been changed from the default of 100 meters.
• Link 2D/3D positions. Links the locations of the block in the 2D model worksheet with the 3D object representing the block in the 3D window. If the block is moved on the model worksheet, the 3D object will move correspondingly.
• Link to enclosing H-block. Links the position of the 3D block to the worksheet position of the hierarchical block containing this block. Generally, you would want to have this checked in only one of the blocks inside of a hierarchical block.
For activity type blocks
The Block Animation tabs of Activity, Convey Item, Transport, and Workstation blocks have an additional 3D option:
• Enable animation of 3D object. Some 3D objects contain internal animation that shows the status of the object. For instance, the Machine object supports four internal animation states (running, idle, blocked, and down) while the Conveyor supports running.
The Block Animation tab of a Convey Item block has this additional 3D option:
• Stretch3Dobjecttoconveyor’slength.Thiswillcausetheassociated3Dobjecttostretchto the length specified in the block’s Behavior tab.
Transport Animation tab
In addition to their Item Animation and Block Animation tabs, the Convey Item and Transport blocks (Item library) have some 3D options in a tab labeled “Transport Animation”. This tab provides several choices for how the object that represents an item should move.
1) FromandTolocations.Thechoicesforthefromlocationare shown ar the right; the choices for the to location are similar. Although in this tab they are only used to display movement, not to calculate distance, these options have the same meaning as those discussed in “Calculated distance” on page 201.
☞ If either move time or speed and distance is selected as the travel
time in the block’s Behavior tab, you can choose the starting and
ending locations for item movement on the Transport Animation tab. If speed and calculated distance is selected, the from and to locations are determined by settings on the block’s Behavior tab; the location options on the Transport Animation tab will not be available.
2) 3Danimationshowssimultaneousitemmovement.Checkingtheboxallowssimultaneous item movement.
From location options

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