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Tips and Reference
Animation 2D-3D blocks
☞ In Concurrent and Buffered modes, 3D animation can display multiple objects moving simul- taneously. In QuickView mode, only one object moves at a time even if you choose simultane- ous item movement in the Transport Animation tab.
3) Thepopupmenutotherightofthesimultaneousmovementcheck- box allows you to choose how the movement will be displayed:
• Alongconnections.Theobjectswillfollowapaththatisequiv- alent to following connections in the 2D model. The from and to locations are specified in the block’s Behavior or Transport Animation tabs, depending on the selected travel time option.
• Inastraightline(thedefault)startingatthefromlocationand ending at the to location.
Movement options
• Alongapre-definedpath.Forexample,thescreenshotaboveshowsfourcustom“Pass- portControl” paths. Paths are created in the E3D Editor, as discussed in “Creating paths” on page 541, and the E3D window must be open for the names of available paths to appear in the popup menu. (Paths are invisible by default; to view a custom path in the E3D window, access the E3D Editor.)
☞ If either move time or speed and distance is selected as the travel time in the block’s Behav- ior tab, you can choose in the Transport Animation tab how the item should move. If instead speed and calculated distance has been selected, item movement along connections or in a straight line is determined by the settings in the block’s Behavior tab. In this case, you can only choose in the Transport Animation tab if simultaneous movement should be shown or if a custom path should be used.
4) Getdistancefrom3Dpathlength.Calculatesthelengthofthecurrentlyselectedpathand puts that length into the distance parameter field on the block’s Behavior tab.
5) Move3Dobjectimmediatelytostartofmovementposition(Transportblockonly).Some- times it is useful to move the 3D object to a starting point. This is common when the 3D item object is not close to the start of the path or if there is an obstruction between the cur- rent location of the 3D object and the from location. Note that if this option is used, the object will “jump” in zero time and then begin its timed movement. It will also jump if there is an obstacle (such as another 3D object) in its path.
6) Showpath.Flashesthepathusedforafewseconds,when3Danimationshowsitemmove- ment along connections or on a custom path.
The use of the Transport and Convey Item blocks is discussed in “Transportation and material handling” on page 200.
Animation 2D-3D blocks
There are four 3D-enabled blocks in the Animation 2D-3D library: • 3D Controller
• 3D Scenery
• 3DText
• Animate 3D
These blocks are discussed in detail in the following sections.

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