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Animation 2D-3D blocks
3D Controller block
Use this block to set behavior for the E3D window or to select the 3D options for a range of blocks.
3D Options tab
• Clear items in E3D window when simulation ends. This removes objects that represent items at the end of the run, so that the window looks as it did before the simulation started.
• Representblocksaswaypoints. You can choose to cause all 3D- enabled blocks to appear as waypoints or just a certain type of 3D-enabled block.
• Sun in 3D window, clouds in
3D window, ceiling color.
Unchecking the checkboxes
causes sun and/or clouds to dis-
appear from the E3D window. If the option for the clouds object is not checked, you can modify the color of the ceiling using the Slider controls.
Scenery tab
This tab allows you to:
• Hide all objects created by the 3D Scenery block
• Hide3DSceneryblocksinthe2Dmodel
• Hide the 3D footprint for all 3D Scenery blocks in the 2D model The 3D Scenery block is discussed below.
3D Scenery block
This block represents scenery and other fixed 3D objects in the E3D window. When initially placed in the 2D model, this block has a minimized icon. By default, the footprint of whichever 3D object you choose will be reflected in the 2D model by the block’s icon.
Except for the following additions, the options in this block’s dialog are the same as options in Block Animation tabs of Item library blocks, discussed on page 554.
• Show 3D footprint in 2D window. This causes the footprint of the 3D object to appear as an area in the 2D model. This is useful for knowing where to place blocks in the model so that they are well positioned for the 3D window.
• Show3DobjectID.Enablesanoutputconnectorsootherblockscanaccessthe3DObjectID. With the ObjectID, you can manipulate the properties of the object in an equation-type block or a block that you build.
3D Controller: 3D Options dialog

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