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558 Tips and Reference
Animation 2D-3D blocks
• Show.Theblock’sinputconnectorcanbeusedtodynamicallyhideandshowthe3Dobject, or display the value of the input connector on the object, during the simulation. The choices are to show:
• 3DObjectwheninputconnectorisTRUE • Value of input connector on 3D object
3D Text block
Displays text in the E3D window. The text can be displayed on a visible object or on a way- point object. If it is displayed on a waypoint, only the text appears in the E3D window.
This block has many of the same choices as for the Block Anima- tion tabs of Item library blocks, discussed on page 554. An addi- tional option is provided by the popup menu shown to the right:
• Trueconnectorvalueshowstext.Causesthetexttobeshownor hidden depending on whether the input connector gets a true value.
3D Text options
• Append connector value to text. Causes the value received at the block’s input connector to be appended to the text.
• Hideconnector(textalwaysvisible).Thisisthedefaultoptionandjustshowstheentered text.
Animate 3D block
The Animate 3D block is an advanced method for executing an animation action in the E3D window as an item passes through the block. Use this block to augment the standard 3D options built into the Item library blocks.
In this block’s Item Animation tab, select one of the 3D actions from the popup menu and enter the appropriate parameters. These actions correspond directly to functions that can be called from an equation block or from a custom 3D-enabled block:
• Create object
• Delete object
• Mountobject • Set destination • Set position
• Set rotation • Set scale
• Set target
• Set path
• Set skin
• Set waypoint
• Unmountobject

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