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E3D Editor menu commands
The Animate 3D block can be used for almost any 3D action, even one that does not involve the item that passes through the block. For instance, it can be used to mount one static object onto another or move an item’s object from one point to another.
☞ Most of the options will only be useful if the Concurrent or Buffered 3D mode is used. In QuickView mode, the 3D objects move without simulation time elapsing, so any action that has a simulation delay (or speed) associated with it will not be processed. Also, in the Quick- View mode mounting one moving object on another moving object will not work properly, as only one object moves at a time and objects are deleted and re-created each time they move. Furthermore, because QuickView mode does not have a direct relationship between simulation time and real time, options such as Set destination and Set target will give unexpected results.
The individual actions are described in the block’s Help and many of them are illustrated in the “Animate 3D Block” model located at \Examples\3D Animation\Tips. In that model, Animate 3D blocks are used to create barrels at a fixed location, set intermediate destinations to a ran- dom X/Y/Z position, set their final destination to a fixed location, and then delete the objects. In the model, Activity blocks (Item library) are used to delay the items for the amount of time the 3D objects will require to arrive at their destinations.
E3D Editor menu commands
The E3D Editor, described starting on page 505, has its own set of menus and commands. Depending on the mode selected, the E3D Editor’s menus will change somewhat. The first five menus listed below apply to either the World or Terrain modes; the World menu applies only to the World mode and the Action and Brush menus apply only to the Terrain mode.
To access the E3D Editor and either the World or Terrain mode:
Open the E3D window
Enable the E3D Editor (F11)
To access the World editors, give the command Window > World Editor Creator (F4) in the E3D Editor’s menu.
To access the Terrain editors, give the command Window > Terrain Editor (F6) in the E3D Editor’s menu.
☞ For more information about accessing and using the World modes, see “World modes” on page 508; for the Terrain modes see “Terrain modes” on page 510.
The first four commands in the File menu are associated with creating, opening, and saving environment files. These commands work as you would expect them to.
The Toggle E3D Editor command toggles between the E3D window and the E3D Editor. It is equivalent to pressing the F11 key.
☞ Because the Extend3D.mis file is protected, you cannot made changes to it. Instead, use the Save Environment As command to create a new environment file containing the changes you’ve made using the E3D Editor.
This menu has Undo and Copy/Paste commands that work just as you would expect.

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