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560 Tips and Reference
E3D Editor menu commands
The Camera menu provides control over the speed of the virtual camera, described in “Mini- Map and camera” on page 469. These commands affect the forward, backward, left, and right motions of the camera when pressing the W/A/S/D keys or the keyboard’s direction keys.
The Window menu contains the mode commands, discussed in “E3D Editor modes” on page 507.
Lighting Tools
This menu has a Light Editor and lighting commands. The Full Relight command is especially useful if the lighting seems confused – it causes lighting sources and shadows to be recalcu- lated.
This menu is specific to the World editor modes. It has commands for hiding and showing the selection in the E3D window, deleting the object, and dropping the object at specific locations in the window.
Specific to the Terrain modes, this menu allows you to add dirt, excavate, and otherwise adjust the contour of the floor in the animation area of the E3D window. These commands are used in conjunction with the commands in the Brush menu.
• TheSelectandAdjustSelectioncommandsareformakingasemi-permanentselectionof the terrain. They work together to allow you to choose a section of the terrain and apply the equivalent of the Adjust Height command to it.
• TheAddDirt,Excavate,AdjustHeight,Flatten,Smooth,andSetHeightcommandsdeter- mine what will happen when you left click an area and move the mouse to “brush” the area.
• The Paint Material command allows you to change the texture or color of the floor. It is the command used when changing the texture in the Terrain Texture editor.
Specific to the Terrain modes, this menu is for choosing the shape, consistency, and size of the brush when performing actions (from the Action menu) on terrains.
There are three selection sections in this menu and each allows one choice.
• Shape.TheBoxBrushissquareandwillaffectasquaregridofnodesontheterrain.The Circle Brush shape is obviously circular. If you switch between these two shapes you should see the shape of the brush changing as soon as you move the cursor onto the terrain.
• Consistency. This can also be seen in the viewing area of the E3D window. Each of the ter- rain nodes that are going to be affected by the brush action will be drawn with a square on it at the point where the brush touches it. These squares, outlined in the case of the brush and solid in the case of the selection mode described in the Action menu, are drawn in different colors based on how hard the brush is. The hardness determines how much the Action will effect the terrain that the brush touches. If you select a Hard Brush, all the nodes will be drawn in red and the Action will affect each node equally. If you select a Soft Brush, the cen-

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