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Change Time (located below the graph) to Month. Close the plotter window
Save the model.
☞ When you save a model, ExtendSim creates a backup, ModelName.bak, of your previously saved model. To open a backup file, add the extension .mox after the .bak so that the file reads ModelName.bak.mox. Then Open the backup file from the File menu.
Running the simulation
Now that you have placed blocks on the model, con- nected them, and configured their dialogs with data, it is time to run the model.
Select Run > Run Simulation or click the Run Sim- ulation button in the toolbar.
A plot similar to the one at right will be displayed. It only shows one line because only the Holding Tank is currently connected to the Plotter block.
Additional ways to connect blocks
For this simulation, you need to also connect the rain-
fall and stream blocks to the Plotter so you can compare their outputs to the total water col- lected in the reservoir.
When you built the model, you used the right-angle connection line style to connect blocks. This is the default setting for all new models. You can also connect blocks using the straight and multi-segment connection line styles. In addition to using connection lines, you can con- nect blocks using named connections. These methods are discussed in the following topics.
Straight line connection
You draw this line style in exactly the same way as the right-angle style, but it displays differ- ently.
Select Model > Connection Lines and select the straight line option (second item).
☞ Changing the setting in the Model menu will only affect subsequent connections in this model. You can change the default setting for all models by choosing Edit > Options > Model tab and unchecking “Default connection line style is right angle”.
Draw a line from the output connector on the Lookup Table block to the second input con- nector on the Plotter.
Both the straight line and right-angle line connections have the disadvantage of running directly over other blocks and connections, making the model more difficult to read.
Delete the straight line connection by selecting it and pressing Delete or the Backspace key.
Multi-segment line connection
This style has the advantage of letting you draw the lines so that they go around blocks rather than over them.
With the straight line option still selected, click the Lookup Table’s output connector and drag your cursor until it is above the space between the Holding Tank and the Plotter blocks.
Building a Model 33
Running the simulation

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