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Libraries and Blocks
The ExtendSim libraries
Working efficiently with libraries and blocks is critical to simulation modeling. This chapter discusses:
• The libraries available with ExtendSim products
• How to open and use libraries
• Creating and managing libraries for block developers
• Working with blocks, including using variable connectors • Managing blocks in libraries
• Hierarchical blocks
The ExtendSim libraries
ExtendSim libraries are repositories for the blocks that you use to build models. ExtendSim ships with several libraries, each one containing blocks that are used for modeling specific types of systems. You can also develop your own libraries of custom blocks, or create libraries to save and organize hierarchical blocks in a way that best works for your modeling needs.
• Librariesthataremostoftenused,suchastheValueandItemlibraries,arestoredatthetop level of the ExtendSim9\Libraries folder.
• The Example Libraries folder within the Libraries folder contains libraries created for spe- cific purposes, such as the Tutorial library for block developers
• The libraries in the Legacy folder are included for backwards compatibility, so models cre- ated with those older libraries can run. They are no longer supported and should not be used to create new models.
The following describes the libraries that ship with ExtendSim products. (Note that some libraries are only available in specific products.)
Animation 2D-3D library
The Animation 2D-3D library lets you add custom animation to models and hierarchical block icons. The Animate Item and Animate Value blocks in this library are used to add 2D anima- tion to models and hierarchical blocks, as described in “Blocks for customized animation” on page 632. The 3D animation blocks are discussed at “Animation 2D-3D blocks” on page 556; they are used with the 3D animation feature of the ExtendSim Suite product.
Electronics library
The blocks in the Electronics library are used to simulate system level design of analog, digital, signal processing, and control systems. Electronics blocks are used in the model “Noisy FM system” on page 79.
Item library (not available in ExtendSim CP)
The blocks in the Item library are used primarily in discrete event modeling, although they can also be included in discrete rate models. If you add a single block from this library into a con- tinuous model, the model automatically becomes a discrete event model. Discrete event mod- els track individual quantities and entities that can have unique characteristics. The Appendix that starts on “Item Library Blocks” on page 851 has a complete list and brief description of the blocks in this library.
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