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Plotter library
The Plotter library holds all the common types of Plotter blocks used to graph and output data for models. Some of these are specific to continuous or discrete event models, while others can be used with any type of model. In addition to the simple plotters you have already seen in the tutorials, ExtendSim plotters can show scatter plots, moving strip charts, histograms, and so on. All plotters are described in detail in “Plotters” on page 681.
Rate library (not available in ExtendSim CP or ExtendSim OR)
The Rate library is used for discrete rate simulations, where you model the flow of materials
according to some rate-based calculations. Discrete rate models often use blocks from the Value and Item libraries. A complete list and brief description of the blocks in this library starts on page 860.
Utilities library
The Utilities library contains a collection of helpful blocks for performing various tasks such as counting the number of blocks in a model, fitting data to a curve, synchronizing the model to real time, timing the duration of a simulation, adding active buttons to models, and so on. A complete list and brief description of the blocks in this library starts on page 863.
Value library
The Value library contains blocks that are primarily used for continuous modeling, although they play a critical role in other types of models as well. You used some of these blocks when building the Reservoir model in the tutorial at the beginning of this User Guide. Continuous models represent a smooth flow of values that are recalculated at periodic time steps. A com- plete list and brief description of the blocks in this library starts on page 844.
Example Libraries folder
The following libraries are located in the ExtendSim9/Libraries/Example Libraries folder.
Custom Blocks library
These blocks have been created for very specific purposes, such as to illustrate a concept or hard-code certain behavior. For instance, the Planet block from this library is used in the model discussed at “Planet Dance” on page 83.
ModL Tips library
This library contains blocks that illustrate the techniques described in the ExtendSim Devel- oper Reference.
Templates library (discrete event blocks are not available in ExtendSim CP)
Contains hierarchical blocks that serve as templates for specific behaviors, such as setting the arrival time based on the time of day.
Tutorial library
Contains blocks built in conjunction with tutorials in the Developer Reference.
Legacy folder
Several libraries are stored in the \Libraries\Legacy folder. The legacy libraries are furnished for backwards compatibility, so that you can run models built with previous releases of the software. Depending on which ExtendSim product you purchased, the Legacy folder will con- tain some or all of the following libraries:
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The ExtendSim libraries
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