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Libraries and Blocks
Using libraries
• Animation
• Discrete Event
• Flow
• Generic
• Items (DB)
• Mfg (Manufacturing)
• Quick Blocks
• SDITools
The legacy libraries (listed above) have been replaced by the Animation 2D-3D, Item, Item Templates, Rate, and Value libraries.
The legacy libraries will not be included in future ExtendSim releases. They are no longer sup- ported and are supplied without warranty of any type or for any purpose. Legacy libraries are included in this release so that you can run models built in previous releases; they should not be used to create new models.
Using libraries
Opening a library
Whenever you open a model, ExtendSim automatically opens the libraries that are used in the model.You can also manually open a library or instruct ExtendSim to automatically open some libraries when it starts.
• To open a library manually, for example when you are starting a new model, choose Library > Open Library. You can also double-click the library file or drop-launch it. You open libraries one at a time with these methods.
• Tospecifythataspecificlibrary,orseverallibraries,openwhenExtendSimlaunches,goto the Edit > Options > Libraries tab and enter the names of the libraries you want pre-loaded. See “Options” on page 814 for more information.
When a library opens, ExtendSim adds the library name, in alphabetical order, to the bottom of the Library menu. Select a library name to see a submenu of the different block categories for that library, which further expand to show the list of blocks for each category.
How To

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