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Libraries and Blocks 567
Using libraries
☞ To view all the blocks in a library alphabetically rather than grouped by category, go to the Edit > Options > Libraries tab and uncheck List blocks by category.
Closing a library
Unless you close ExtendSim, libraries stay open whether they are used in a model or not. You can close libraries that are not used in a model by choosing Library > Close Library and selecting the library you want to close. To close multiple libraries, Shift select the libraries (or use the Ctrl (Windows) or Command key (Mac OS)), then click Close. It is unlikely that you will need to close libraries often since open libraries do not take up much memory and it is usually convenient to leave all your commonly-used libraries open. Once you save the model, the closed but unneeded libraries will not auto- matically open when you open the model again.
Close Library dialog
☞ ExtendSim will warn you and will not let you close a library that is being used by an open model.
Searching for libraries and blocks
When you open a model, ExtendSim automatically searches for the blocks the model uses.It first searches for the libraries in which the blocks last resided.
Library searches
The search order ExtendSim uses to locate libraries is:
• The Alternate path, if any, specified in the Options dialog • TheLibrariessubfolderwithintheExtendSimfolder
• Thefoldercontainingthemodel
You can manually stop this search process at any time by pressing Ctrl+period (Windows) or Command+period (Mac OS). You can also force a manual search process by unchecking Automatic search in the Edit > Options > Libraries tab.
If you have renamed, deleted, or moved a library from the expected folder since the model was last saved, manually stopped the search process, or unchecked Automatic search in the Options dialog, ExtendSim will not be able to find the library.
Libraries should be kept in the Libraries folder, in the same folder as the model that uses them, or in a folder specified as the Alternate path in Edit > Options > Libraries tab. Otherwise, ExtendSim will always ask you for the location of the library.
If ExtendSim can’t find a library when the model opens, it will put up a file selection dialog that asks “Where is the library xxx?”. Your choices are:
• Cancel the library search operation. ExtendSim will then try to find the missing blocks, as described in “Block searches” below.
• Find and open the library manually. Since ExtendSim only needs to know where the blocks for the model are, you could also use this choice to substitute a library that has a different name (but the same named blocks) as the search library. See “Substituting one library for another” on page 571 for more information.
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