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Library windows
The first choice in the blocks list for each library listed in the Library menu is Open Library Window. This opens a win- dow that shows all the blocks inside that library in alphabeti- cal order. You can also open a library window using the Navigator, as discussed at “Library Window mode” on
page 793.
☞ If you enter libraries in the Edit > Options > Libraries tab to be pre-loaded when ExtendSim launches, you can also choose Open library window so that the window for the selected library will also automatically open.
The top of the library window gives information about the library version, size, and date last modified. The blocks in the library are listed with pictures of their icons and, if the Show library window dates option is selected in the Options dialog, their last modified date.
Library windows provide an additional method for adding blocks to models, as shown at “Library Window mode” on page 793. If you program blocks, you can also use library windows to manage blocks, as discussed in “Managing blocks” on page 578, and to access a block's structure as dis- cussed in the Developer Reference.
Note that closing the library window only closes the window, not the library itself.
Library window for Value library
Libraries and Blocks 569
Creating and maintaining libraries
☞ If a block has been compiled with external source code, it
will be listed in the library window with the designation CM (code management) on the right side of its icon. If a block has been compiled with debugging code, its name and any additional information will be listed in the library window in red and it will show in a model window with a red border around it. Compiling options are used by block developers and are discussed in the Developer Reference.
Creating and maintaining libraries
You do not need to start a new library unless you build your own blocks or want to save hierar- chical blocks in a library.
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