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Icon views
As you saw in “Dialogs” on page 16, some blocks have multiple icon views. If a block has icon views, the choice of view will determine how the block looks on the model worksheet.
For example, an icon view could provide:
Alternate connector positions, such as an input connector on the right side of the block. This helps avoid awkward connection line placements when building models.
Choices of icon size, such as regular and reduced size. An example is the History block (Item library) where the Status view is smaller than the Default view.
Different icons depending on choices that have been made in the block’s dialog. For example, a block that represents a flow could be pointed forward in the view labeled Forward and pointed back- ward in the view labeled Backward.
History icon: Default and Status views
Libraries and Blocks 573
Working with blocks
Alternate icons depending on what the block represents in a model. This is often used for hierarchical blocks that represent a specific process in one part of the model but a different process, with the same functionality, in a different part of the model. For instance, in the Markov Chain Weather model discussed on page 52, the hierarchical block “Weather Fore- cast” uses views to indicate the current state for a state/action model.
Blocks without icon views will not have any choices in the Views popup menu at the bot- tom of the block’s dialog. If additional views are present, they can be selected by right- clicking on a block or by using the Views popup menu. They can also be called by functions.
ExtendSim facilitates the creation of differ- ent icon views while developing or editing a block’s structure. For more information see the Developer Reference.
Connectors are used to input and output val- ues, items, or flow for each block.
The Model menu has commands that let you show or hide the connectors in the model workspace. Hiding connectors can improve the appearance of the model, espe- cially for complex models with many blocks.
Icon views for Holding Tank block
Reservoir model with connectors hidden
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