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Building a Model
Additional ways to connect blocks
Release the mouse.
This creates the first segment. The cursor remains a technical pen because you are point- ing at an anchor point.
Immediately click again and drag the cursor to the second input connector on the Plotter, then release the mouse button.
You now have a multi-segment connection. (Note that a right-angle connection is simply a multi-segment connection that is automatically created by the application.)
☞ Anchor points can be moved if the connection did not come out as you intended. Simply move your mouse over the anchor point until the cursor changes into a hand, then click the anchor point and drag it to the desired location.
Although this connection no longer crosses over any other elements of the model, you can see how a larger, more complex model could become very cluttered with so many line segments in the window.
Delete the multi-segment connection by double-clicking a segment until the entire connec- tion line thickens, then press Delete or the Backspace key. (To delete just one segment of the line, you would click the segment once and press the Delete key.)
Named connection
Named connections are text labels that are used to represent one output at many locations in your model. If you have two labels with the exact same text, you can use these to have the flow of data jump from one part of the model to another. Named connections are often used when you do not want to clutter up your model with many lines. You can place the names near the blocks to which they connect and leave much of the area of your model free from connection lines. Named connections are discussed in detail at “Named connections” on page 638.
☞ Named connections are not case sensitive and spaces and returns are ignored, but you must use identical spelling in the text names.
Creating a named connection between the Lookup Table and the Plotter
To add a text label for the named connection:
Choose Model > Connection Lines and select either the right-angle or straight line style.
Double-click in the model window, slightly above and to the right of the Lookup Table block’s output connector. This opens a text box.
Type Rainfall in the text box.
Typing in text box
First segment and anchor point
Multi-segment connection

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