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Libraries and Blocks
Working with blocks
Connector types
Connectors on a block are visually different, depending on how they’re used. This table describes the different types of connectors that can be seen on or (if you program) added to blocks in ExtendSim.
Type Value
Universal Array
User Defined
How they’re used
Continuous blocks use value connectors to pass val- ues from one block to another. Blocks in the Item and Rate libraries may also use value connectors for the same purpose.
Discrete event blocks use item connectors to pass discrete items. Blocks in the Rate library may also use item connectors for the same purpose.
Discrete rate blocks use flow connectors to pass information about the effective rate from one block to another. You can also connect from a flow con- nector (input or output) to a value input connector.
Universal connectors are usually used as inputs. Value, Item, Flow, and User-Defined output connec- tors can connect to Universal inputs.
Array connectors are for passing arrays of informa- tion from one block to another.
User Defined connectors can be programmed to behave in any manner the developer wants.
☞ Other than some specific instances, you cannot connect from one type of connector to another. For example, attempting to draw a connection from an Item output connector to a Value input will result in an error message. The two exceptions are that Value, Item, Flow, and User- Defined outputs can be connected to Universal inputs, and Value outputs can be connected to Flow inputs.
Variable connectors
Regardless of type, each connector can be single or variable depending on how the block is constructed. Variable connectors act like a row of single connectors, where the row can be expanded or contracted to provide a required number of connectors. Some blocks have only single connectors, some have only variable connectors, and some have a mix. Variable connec- tors are usually designated by a black arrow, as shown below.
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