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Libraries and Blocks
Hierarchical blocks
can even change some of the settings in a dialog as you run the simulation, such as choosing different buttons or typing new values.
☞ When you click a button while the simulation is running, the block gets that changed value on the next step. However, if you type text or enter numbers into a field, the model pauses while you are typing in order to get your entire input.
Animating blocks
ExtendSim provides built-in animation for many blocks and you can also create custom anima- tion for any block. To learn more, see “Animation” on page 629.
Hierarchical blocks
It’s not unusual for models to have thousands of blocks in them, which can make it difficult to understand what is happening in the model. Hierarchy helps solve this problem by grouping several blocks together into one hierarchical block that represents a portion of the process being modeled. A hierarchical block can contain submodels, text, graphics and clones of dia- log items and tables. Hierarchical blocks can even contain other hierarchical blocks, so there are multiple levels of hierarchy.
☞ The Navigator window in Model Exploring mode is a useful tool for quickly drilling down through the different levels of hierarchical blocks to find the one you’re looking for.
Because hierarchy is mainly used to enhance or simplify model appearance, it is discussed in further detail in “Hierarchy” on page 618.
Managing blocks
☞ The topics within this section are only for block developers and those who save hierarchical blocks in libraries.
Copying blocks
To make a copy of a block in the same library, select the block in the library window and choose Edit > Duplicate. The Duplicate command copies the block into the current library and renames it with the block name followed by the word Copy. This is common when you want to use the ModL code in one block as the template for a different block.
To copy a block from one library to another, open the library windows for each of the libraries. Then drag the block from its library window to the destination library window.
Changing a block’s name
To change the name of a block, select the block in the library window and choose Develop > Rename Block. Then type in the new name. If you change the name of a block, models that use that block will not be able to find it because they are expecting the original name. ExtendSim will then ask you where the block is located and present a dialog box for searching, as dis- cussed in “Block searches” on page 568.
Removing blocks
It is rare that you will want to remove a block from a library but, if you do, select the block in the library window and choose Edit > Clear or press the Delete or Backspace key. ExtendSim will not let you remove a block that is in use in an open model window. If you remove a block that is used by a model and later open that model, ExtendSim will present an error message and give you the opportunity to indicate the location of the missing block; if it can't find the block, it will put a placeholder in the model window.
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