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Creating a Custom User Interface 583
Click the Clone layer button in the toolbar to select that tool.
Select both the Current level text and its parameter field and drag them onto the model win-
dow below the Holding Tank block.
☞ Hold down the Shift key to select multiple items or drag a frame around them. Clones can be moved, resized, and aligned after they are placed.
Close the dialog.
Cloned Holding Tank dialog items
Run the simulation.
The cloned item will display the changing level in the Reservoir as the simulation runs.
Cloned item after simulation run
☞ If the model runs too quickly to see the change, go to Run > Simulation Setup > Setup tab and change the end time to something much larger, such as 1000, then run the simulation again.
Using cloned items
Once you have a cloned item, you can drag it almost anywhere you want. Many people prefer to have all the items together at one side of the model window, for example, or to clone all dia- log items into the Notebook or into a hierarchical block.
You cannot move a cloned item from one hierarchical block to another unless the target hierar- chical block contains the source hierarchical block.
To move a cloned item, choose the Clone tool from the toolbar, click on the item, and drag it. To align two or more clones, select them and use the Model > Align command.
To resize a cloned item, choose the Clone tool and click once near the center of the cloned item so that the resizing handles appear. Then click and drag a handle to change the size and shape of the clone.
Resizing cloned item
To remove cloned items from a model, simply select them
(using the Clone tool) and press the Delete key or choose Edit > Clear.
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