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that will activate frequently-used commands. A number of predefined buttons can be selected from the popup menu in the block’s dialog. You can also create a custom button for a specific purpose by changing the label and/or equation.
The pre-defined buttons are: • AnimationOn
• AnimationOff
• Open Notebook
• Run Simulation
• PauseSimulation
• Save Model
• Open Block
• Open H-block
• OpenDatabaseTable
• Open Database
• Run Optimization or Scenarios
Select or create the button in the block’s dialog, then clone the button from the dialog to the model work- sheet, Notebook, or hierarchical block. The button will execute the command whenever it is clicked and during the enabled conditions on its Options tab.
The Buttons block (Util- ities library) makes it easy to create buttons
Creating a Custom User Interface 585
Creating a dashboard interface
Buttons block dialog
Each button requires a separate But-
tons block. To store the block, place
it anywhere on the model worksheet
or within a hierarchical block. A
common place is to store the Buttons block behind its cloned button.
☞ The Animation On and Animation Off buttons in the Buttons block only control 2D animation during the simulation run; they do not control 3D animation.
Buttons block “When” options to calculate equation
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