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Creating a Custom User Interface 587
drawing objects (see “Text and graphics” on page 592. To see an example of cloning a plotter’s graph to a Notebook, see “Cloning” on page 39.
A typical use for Notebooks is for collecting all of the items you might want to watch in one place. Since you can leave a Notebook open as a simulation runs, use it as a central display for all of the important values in all the dialogs.
Another common use is as a control panel. Clone all the dialog items that you might want to change while the simulation is running to the Notebook so you do not need to open the dialogs from the worksheet in order to make a change.
☞ If a model's Notebook already has data or other contents in it, it will say (has data) beside the Window > Notebook command.
When you save a model with the Notebook open, the Notebook will automatically open with the same configuration the next time the file is opened. A Notebook can be many pages long. With the Notebook as the active window, choose File > Show Page Breaks to show the number of pages and how they would print.
You can copy the contents of a Notebook as a picture which can be pasted into other applica- tions such as a word processing document or a presentation. Simply select the items you want, then choose the Edit > Copy To Picture command to copy the picture into the Clipboard.
ExtendSim has three special tools in the Model > Controls command that are used to control blocks and show values directly as the simulation runs.
The controls are the Slider, Switch, and Meter. The Slider and the Switch are used to set val- ues in your models. The Meter is used to see values as the model is running. The Meter also has a dialog that you can access by double-clicking it.
The Utilities library has Meter, Slider, and Switch blocks. Those blocks can provide even more flexibility than the Controls discussed here.
A Slider control lets you slide an indicator along a scale to change the value of its output. You set the maximum and mini- mum values by selecting the numbers at the top and bottom of the Slider and typing in the desired value.
☞ If you enter a value at the bottom of the Slider which is higher than the maximum, or if you set the value at the top of the Slider to be less than the minimum, ExtendSim will warn you.
As you slide the indicator, the current value is displayed on the indicator and is output through the middle connector. There are also connectors next to the minimum and maximum values that output those values.
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