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Notify block
Set to play a sound
The Notify block (Value library) provides three options for sending messages to the user: Play a sound, Prompt for output value, and Stop the simulation. For all three options, the Notify block has an input connector that receives a True or False value that is used to determine whether or not to play a sound, stop the sim- ulation, or issue a prompt. When the Prompt option is selected, the block also has an output connector to output the value the user enters after being prompted.
All three options define True as being 0.5.
Play a sound
This option plays a sound when its input con- nector gets a True value (alternately, you can choose to have it play only when the input value is True and animation is on). To use a sound, choose the Play a sound option and enter the sound name in the Notify block’s dialog. You can enter the name (such as click or crack) for any sound located in the ExtendSim Exten- sions folder. To hear that sound, click the Play Sound button.
☞ Sound files you create and place in the Exten- sions folder must be in .wav format (Windows) or an snd resource (Mac OS). On Windows, you can also enter the name for any sound in Window's Sounds Control Panel.
Sound option selected in Notify block’s dialog
Creating a Custom User Interface 589
Interacting with the model user
Prompt option selected in Notify block
Prompt for output value
This option is mainly used to prompt the user to change the block's output value. Until the input con- nector gets a True value, the block outputs the value specified in the dialog. When the input is 0.5, the block prompts the user to enter a different value to output.
You use this block to pause a simulation, request a value from the user, then continue the simulation
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