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590 Creating a Custom User Interface
Interacting with the model user
using the new value. The output value can be any number, including 0. If the user clicks the Cancel button in the prompt dialog, the simulation stops.
Stop the simulation
This option is used to stop the simulation and alert the user if the monitored parameter gets a True value.
You can customize the block to display any warning message you want, up to 255 charac- ters. You can also set the message to include the block's number and the time the event occurred.
Equation blocks
The Equation block (Value library) and Equa-
tion(I) block (Item library) provide flexibility
and control for creating user interface elements.
Most ModL functions can be called from an
Equation block, including functions specifi-
cally for interacting with the model user. The blocks provide similar functionality, but the Equation block calculates its equation when it gets a value and the Equation(I) block calculates its equation when an item arrives. Equation blocks are useful when you want a more complex set of rules for the interaction than the Notify block provides.
For example, you could use an Equation block to prompt for a value if a certain condition exists and then change the result based on input from the user, like the Prompt block. But then add another condition, such as a delay between when the user is prompted.
Stop option selected in Notify block
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