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Model Execution
Simulation setup
With ExtendSim, you have several options for controlling simulation runs, including: • Using the Simulation Setup dialog to determine how models will run
• Importantpointswhenrunningamodel
• Information provided in the status bar
• Usingblockstocontrolormonitorsimulationruns
• Saving intermediate results
• Settingthetimingforyourruns
• Determininganappropriatesimulationorder
• Choosing time and other units that are most relevant for your models • Determiningthelengthandnumberofruns
• Speedingupandslowingdownsimulations
• Working with multiple models
• How ExtendSim passes messages in models
Simulation setup
Before running a simulation, you need to specify how long it will run. Use the Simulation Setup dialog to set the simulation duration, choose a time unit for the model, have the model run multiple times, or select other simulation and animation options. To access the dialog, choose Run > Simulation Setup. The dialog has five tabs which are described in detail below.
How To

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