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3D animation is not available with all products. For complete information about 3D animation and the following settings, see the E3D module that starts on page 461.
Model Execution 599
Simulation setup
3D Animation tab
Show 3D animation during simulation run
Select mode
Environment file
Define conversion ratios
Comments tab
Opens the E3D window when the model opens. If the window is subse- quently closed, it will reopen during model initialization when the model is run. This is the same as selecting the command Run > Show 3D Anima- tion.
Defines how the E3D window and the simulation interact. QuickView shows all of the movement of items in the E3D window while the simula- tion is running. Concurrent is a more realistic animation than QuickView and shows only the movement of items that requires simulation time. The 3D animation runs during the simulation run. Buffered is similar to Con- current except it runs the 3D animation after the simulation has ended. The selected mode is shown at the top of the E3D window.
Selects a file that specifies the appearance and behavior of the background for the E3D window. The default is the Extend3D.mis file; you can also create custom environment files.
Specifies the relationship for distance and time between the E3D window and the simulation. The distance ratio defines how many pixels in the 2D worksheet window represent one meter in the E3D window. The value for the time ratio controls the 3D animation’s display speed and is displayed at the top of the E3D window. The time ratio value, and the ani- mation speed, changes if you click the Faster or Slower buttons on the E3D window. In most cases the default values for these settings will not need to be changed.
Use this tab to enter comments about the simulation run.
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