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Model Execution 601
Running a model
• GivethecommandRun>Pause,orclickthePause/Resumebuttoninthetoolbar,asthesim- ulation runs. Then give the command Run > Resume or click the Pause/Resume button again to continue execution. This method works well for pausing a run one time to observe some- thing of interest, but is not that useful for stepping through the entire model since it depends on your dexterity.
• ClonethePauseSimulationbuttonfromtheButtonsblock(discussedat“Buttons”on
page 585). Then give the command Run > Resume or click the Pause/Resume button to con- tinue execution. To use this method, click the Pause Simulation button each time you want the resumed simulation to pause. This works well if your intention is to pause the simulation once or twice when you see something of special interest.
• Use the Pause Sim block (Utilities library). This block causes the simula- tion to pause when certain conditions are met; the conditions are specified in the block’s dialog (seen at right). These options give more flexibility than either of the two previous methods; they are particularly useful when stepping through a model. Give the command Run > Resume or click the Pause/ Resume button to continue execution.
Pause Sim dialog
• UsetheDebuggingmenucommandsdiscussedon“Debugging”onpage838.Thishierar- chical menu lets you modify the way a simulation runs and facilitates finding a modeling problem. The three “Step...” commands in the Debugging menu determine how the Step command in the Run menu performs during a simulation run.
See also “Slowing down simulations” on page 611.
Other points when running models
• Youcanrunmultiplemodelssimultaneously.However,theRun>RunSimulationcommand only activates one model at a time. See “Working with multiple models” on page 612 for how to activate multiple model runs.
• Windowsanddialogs,suchastheNotebook,ablock’sdialog,orahierarchicalblock’s worksheet, can be left open when the model runs. However, you cannot run a simulation with a block’s structure open and leaving too many windows open (especially if they have parameters that update constantly) can slow simulation speed.
• TheExtendSimapplicationcommunicatewithblocksinamodelandtheblockscancommu- nicate with each other by sending and receiving messages before, during, and after a simula- tion run. This unique communication method allows powerful modeling constructs and results in models that are visually logical and easily understood. See also “How ExtendSim passes messages in models” on page 612.
For more information about running models under different circumstances, see the following sections:
• “Animation” on page 629
• “Sensitivity analysis” on page 646
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