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602 Model Execution
Running a model
• “Optimization” on page 665
• “Dotted lines for unconnected connections” on page 723 • “Model reporting” on page 725
• “Confidence intervals” on page 645
Status bar
Once the simulation run begins, ExtendSim shows information in a status bar at the bottom of your model:
Status Bar
When you start the simulation run, ExtendSim displays some initial status information in the form of messages that appear momentarily in the status bar area. Depending on the speed of your computer, you may see the following messages: Wait, Checking Data, or Initializing Data. These messages inform you of ExtendSim’s status as it checks and initializes the model prior to starting the run. On fast computers, the messages may appear too quickly for you to read.
Other messages are displayed in the status bar while the simulation runs:
• Thenumberafterthehourglassisanestimateoftheactualtimeleftinthesimulation (expressed as minutes:seconds) so you can determine how long it will run.
• Theclockshowsthecurrenttimeofthesimulationinsimulationtimeunits.
• Runshowsthenumberofthesimulationrunwhenmultipleconsecutivesimulationsarerun-
ning (the numbering of simulation runs starts at 0).
These values are determined by the entries in the Simulation Setup dialog described in “Setup tab” on page 595.
Note that the time remaining shown in the Status Bar is only an estimate. For continuous simu- lations, it is usually accurate. For discrete event and discrete rate simulations, however, it can be inaccurate, as discussed next.
Timer inconsistencies (event-based models only)
In discrete event and discrete rate models, the value for the timer hourglass sometimes varies
from one moment to the next, especially at the beginning of a run when it is impossible to know when events are going to happen and thus how long it will take to run a model. The esti- mated time remaining may even increase if the simulation starts to run slower because items are being delayed more or because more events are being generated. The Status Bar will some- times show the phrase Initializing Data during the initial steps of a discrete event simulation if there is a great deal of fast activity (for instance, if you use the preprocessing suggestion shown in “Connections to multiple item input connectors” on page 306.
Since it is only an estimate, do not be concerned about the value in the Status Bar; the model is running correctly regardless of the value shown there. However, if the timer hourglass contin- ues to increase throughout the run and the simulation clock does not advance, it may indicate that there is an infinite loop in the model. Running the model with 2D animation on may help identify the cause of this.
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