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Building a Model
Additional enhancements
Options > Model tab. Note that there are three connectors, including the Rainfall and Stream named connections, on the hierarchical block’s icon.
Double-click the hierarchical block to see the submodel, or individual components, inside it.
☞ The hierarchical block and submodel may look slightly different depending on how the blocks were placed.
The window’s title bar displays the name of the hierarchical block. Note that connections for transferring data from within the hierarchical block to the outside model are represented in the submodel as named connections with red bor- ders around the text. Those connections corre- spond to the three connectors on the block’s icon.
Close the Water Sources window.
Water Sources submodel
ExtendSim provides many more features for creating and using hierarchical blocks, including building hierarchical blocks from scratch, assigning custom icons to them, and providing Help information. To learn more, see “Hierarchy” on page 618.
The ExtendSim Navigator
The Navigator is an explorer-like window that can be used for multiple purposes:
• Tonavigatethroughthehierarchicalstructureofamodel
• To access any databases used in the model
• To add blocks to the model worksheet, as an alternative to using the Library menu
Navigating through the Reservoir model
Since your reservoir model now has a hierarchical block (the Water Sources block you created earlier), you can see how the Navigator is helpful for exploring a model.
To open a Navigator:
Select Window > Navigator or click the Open Navigator tool in the Toolbar.

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