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Working with text
Simple models, like the Reservoir shown in the Tutorial, are easy to follow. But as models become larger and more complex, worksheets can become crowded with thousands of blocks, making it harder to communicate what’s happening. ExtendSim provides several features that let you organize, explore, and enhance models, such as:
• Using text and graphics to improve model appearance
• UsingtheNavigatortoquicklylocateimportantpartsofthemodel
• Organizing the model into logical sections with hierarchy
• Adding2Danimationtovisuallyrepresentthemodel’slogicandbehavior
• CentralizingmodelinputsandoutputsinanExtendSimdatabase
• Changing how connection lines are displayed
• Simplifyingmodelappearancebyhidingconnectionsandconnectors
For additional ideas to enhance a model’s appearance, see the chapter “Creating a Custom User Interface” on page 581.
☞ 3D animation is covered in the module that starts on page 461.
Working with text
Text is used to document a model, create text labels for named connections, and to create text connections for hierarchical blocks.
Entering text
To add text to your model, double-click the worksheet or Notebook where you want the text to appear and a text box will appear. You can now type your text. You can use the handles in the corner of the text box to resize it.
When you’ve finished entering text, click anywhere else in the win- dow and the box will disappear. To edit an existing text box, select the Block/Text layer tool and double-click the text. (You can also use the Clone layer or All layers tool for this, but using the Draw layer tool will open a new text box.)
Moving and copying text
To move the text while you’re entering or editing it, move your cur- sor over the border (away from a handle) until it changes to a hand shape, then click and drag the text box to the desired location. If the box is not active, simply move the cursor over the text itself until the cursor changes to a hand, then click and drag.
Adding text to a model
When the text is highlighted, you can use the Copy and Paste commands, then move the new text where you want it (or click on the window before pasting to position it in that spot). To copy just portions of the text, double-click to make the text box active, then select the text you want. You can also use the Edit > Duplicate command or Ctrl+D to copy and paste model ele- ments slightly offset from the original.
☞ When you paste text onto the model worksheet or into another text box, it remains editable text. However, if you select and copy an entire text box and paste it to the Notebook, it becomes a picture. To paste editable text into a Notebook, copy the contents of the text box, not the text box itself.
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