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Making a selection into a hierarchical block
The Tutorial on page 37 showed how to create a hierarchical block named “Water Sources” that grouped three blocks from the Reservoir model. The steps are:
Open an existing model or place blocks on a new model.
Select some blocks and any desired draw objects by dragging over them or by holding down the Shift key and clicking each item. (Remember, the selection tool used determines what gets selected.)
Do not select the text labels of any named connections, otherwise communication between the submodel and the model outside will break.
Choose the command Model > Make Selection Hierarchical. Enter a descriptive name for the hierarchical
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block and click Make H-block.
When it creates the hierarchical block, ExtendSim makes all the connections and replaces the selected blocks in the model with the new hierarchical block and its default icon, a square.
Double-click the new icon to see the submodel.
Hierarchical blocks can be saved in libraries or just in the model, as discussed at “Saving hierarchical blocks” on page 625. You can also alter aspects of the hierarchical block such as adding blocks, moving or renaming connections, or adding art to the icon; see “Modifying hierarchical blocks” on page 627 for more details.
Building a new hierarchical block
The steps in building a new hierarchical block are:
1) Openastructurewindowforthenewhierarchical block.
Make Selection Hierarchical dialog
2) Buildthemodelinthesubmodelpane.
3) Modifytheicon(optional).
4) Addconnectorstotheblock’sicon.
5) Connectthenewhierarchicalblocktotheotherblocksinthemodel.
The following example creates a water sources submodel within a new hierarchical block.
Step 1: Open a structure window for the hierarchical block
Open an existing model or open a new model window. Give the command Model > New Hierarchical Block.
Open Hierarchical block
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