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By default, the Navigator opens in Model Navigator mode, with the word “Model” selected in the leftmost popup menu. The name of the active model is listed at the top of the win- dow and below the Navigator’s leftmost popup menu, and each block’s icon and information (name, label, and global block number) is displayed.
Click the plus sign beside the Water Sources hierarchical block.
The hierarchical block expands to show the blocks within it. Select the Lookup Table block in the Navigator.
The corresponding block is selected in the model window. Double-click the Lookup Table block in the Navigator.
The block’s dialog opens.
As you can see, the Navigator is indispensable for exploring
complex models, especially for models with many layers or
instances of hierarchy. For additional information, see “Navigator” on page 792
Building a Model 39
In “Running a Model” on page 13 you saw how Notebooks help organize, monitor, and inter- act with data during simulations. ExtendSim lets you add dialog and plotter items to your Notebook using a technique called cloning. Clones are exact replicas of dialog items, behaving exactly like the original. When a cloned value changes, the original dialog item or plot graph also changes.
To clone a plot from the Plotter block to the Notebook:
Select Window > Notebook or select the Open Notebook tool in the toolbar.
An empty Notebook window opens.
Double-click the Plotter block in your reservoir model.
Navigator in Model mode

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