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Choosing a connector type
When the hierarchical block’s structure window is the active window, the Icon Tools popup button at the right side of the ExtendSim toolbar is available.
The first six items add connectors: Value, Item, Flow, Universal, Array, and User defined. (Connector types are discussed at “Connector types” on page 574.)
Adding a connector
To add a connector, select the appropriate type of con- nector from the Icon Tools popup menu in the toolbar. For this example, select the Value connector.
Portion of the Icon Tools menu
☞ The connector type must match the input or output connectors of the block in the submodel pane.
Click in the icon pane at the desired position near the edge of the hierarchical block’s icon. For this example, click on the right side of the icon.
This creates the default Con1In connector on the icon in the icon pane, lists it in the con- nector pane, and adds a red-bordered connec- tor text label (similar to a named connection) in the submodel pane.
☞ If you choose the wrong type of connector, just click on that connector on the icon pane to select it, then select the correct connector type from the Icon Tools popup menu.The connec- tor will change to the new type.
Changing to an output connector
By default, when a connector is first added to
an icon it is an input connector, as indicated by
the word In at the end of its name. To cause it
to be an output connector, the connector name
needs to end in Out. And, since Con1 isn’t
very descriptive, change the connector name to
something more relevant, in this case “Water”. To do this:
Select the connector name in the connector pane (or double-click its text label in the sub- model pane) and change its name to WaterOut, then hit Enter.
Value connector added to hierarchical block
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