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Saving hierarchical blocks in a model
When you make a selection hierarchical, the hier- archical block is automatically saved with the model when the model is saved.
If you make a new hierarchical block, or make changes to the submodel pane window of an existing hierarchical block and then click the Close button in the structure window, the options are to Save to this block only, Discard changes, or Cancel. This dialog does not enable the options for saving the block to a library; if you choose save, the block exists only in the model.
Saving hierarchical block to model only
You can copy such a hierarchical block to other
parts of the model or even to other models using the Clipboard. Each instance of the block in the model can be then be made unique by modifying it as described in “Modifying hierarchical blocks” on page 627. Because these hierarchical blocks have not been saved in a library, when one of them is changed, the other blocks do not change.
Saving hierarchical blocks to a library
You can save a hierarchical block in a library, but what is saved in the library is only a “snap- shot” of the hierarchical block at the time you saved it.
☞ If you later modify that hierarchical block on the model worksheet, the changes will not be reflected in the master block in the library unless you specifically tell ExtendSim to save those changes.
To save a hierarchical block in a library or to cause changes made to a hierarchical block to be reflected in its master block in a library:
If it is not already open, open the structure window of a hierarchical block.
Choose File > Save Block to Library as... In that dialog, select a new or existing library for the hierarchical block and click Install in Selected Library.
Do not save hierarchical blocks in the libraries that come with ExtendSim.
Close the hierarchical block’s structure window and choose one of the save options:
• Savetothisblock
only affects only this
specific instance of the block in the model.
Save Block to Library as... dialog
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