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• Alsosavetolibraryaffectsthisinstanceoftheblock,themasterblockinthelibrary, and blocks placed from the library into the active model after the save.
• Alsoupdateblocksinopenmodelsalsosavesthechangestoinstancesofthishierar- chical block in any open models.
• Discardchanges
• Cancel
These options are also discussed in “Summary of results of modifying hierarchical blocks” on page 628.
A hierarchical block that is saved in a library has its name listed in the library preceded by the symbol >. Like other blocks, hierarchical blocks that are saved in libraries list the name of the library in their title bar. If no library is listed, the hierarchical block is not saved in a library. You can also get library infor- mation by selecting the block in the model window and choosing the command File > Properties.
Modifying hierarchical blocks
How you modify a hierarchical block depends on whether the block is saved in a library and the type of modification you want to make:
Hierarchical block in Library menu
• If you don’t want to save the changes to the master block in the library, simply double-click the hierarchical block’s icon and change the settings for individual blocks or modify the lay- out and appearance of the submodel (e.g. add blocks, clone items onto the submodel win- dow, add text and drawings, etc.).
• To save the changes to the master hierarchical block in a library, you must open the hierar- chical structure window. (You must also use the structure window to make any changes to the hierarchical block’s icon, connectors, or Help, even if you don’t want to save these changes to the library.)
The following indicates where to make changes to a hierarchical block:
Submodel Structure Window Window
Add blocks and connections X X Change parameters in submodel blocks X X Add text, drawing objects, and pictures X X Clone dialog items X X
Change icon, add alternate views Rename the block
Add Help
Add animation
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