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Changing the icon
To change the icon to better suit the purpose of the hierarchical block:
Open the hierarchical block’s structure window.
Click the icon in the icon pane.
Change the size, color or pattern of the icon, or delete it and create another icon.
To create a new icon, use any of the drawing tools or paste pictures from outside of Extend- Sim into the icon pane. See “Graphic shapes, tools, and commands” on page 639, for infor- mation on how to use the drawing tools.
You need to delete the icon before creating a new one, but do not delete any connectors. If you do, ExtendSim will warn you. If you accidentally delete a connector, undo the delete or add another connector. Be sure to check the block’s connections in the model.
Optionally add alternate views using the Views menu at the top of the icon pane. An exam- ple of this is the Markov Chain Weather model discussed on page 52. See “Icon views” on page 573 for more information.
Moving connectors
The icon pane has an invisible snap grid and the upper left-hand corner of the connector will automatically snap to the grid as it is moved around the icon. To move a connector without using the grid, hold down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) key when moving the con- nector. Use the Model > Align command to align two or more selected connectors.
Renaming the block
With the structure window of a hierarchical block open, rename it by choosing Develop > Rename Block.
Adding animation
Hierarchical block icons can be animated, as discussed on page 633.
Summary of results of modifying hierarchical blocks
There are different results when a hierarchical block is modified, depending on whether its submodel window or structure window was modified and whether the block is saved just in a model or is also saved in a library:
• Ifyoumodifyahierarchicalblock’ssubmodelinthesubmodelpanewindow,thosechanges only apply to that block. Changing a hierarchical block’s submodel is similar to changing parameters in a regular block’s dialog: the changes affect only that instance of the block on the worksheet and are saved with the model. This is true even for hierarchical blocks that were originally saved in libraries.
• If you modify the structure of a hierarchical block that is not saved in a library, those changes only apply to that block. This has the same result as modifying a hierarchical block’s submodel pane window. For example, you can make several copies of that hierarchi- cal block in a model, but when you change one of the copies, the other blocks remain unchanged.
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