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• If you modify the structure of a hierarchical block that has been saved in a library, you can choose how those changes should be reflected:
• Onlytothisinstanceoftheblockonthe model worksheet (choose Save to this block only).
• Also in the master block in the library, which only affects blocks placed in the model from the library after the change has been made (choose Also save to library).
Saving modified hierarchical block options
• Also in all instances of the block in open
models (note that this does not affect models that are not open at the time); this is also called pure hierarchy (choose Also update blocks in open models).
Changing a hierarchical block that is saved in a library can have unintended consequences if the block is used in multiple places. Do not make changes to the master block in the library unless you understand the effect those changes could have on other models that use that block.
• To modify the structure of a hierarchical block saved in a library, copy a fresh hierar- chical block from its library window onto the model worksheet, then work on the block directly in the model. Do not work on a hierarchical block that is already in the model or you might overwrite the master hierarchical block with a block that has been cus- tomized for a specific purpose in the model.
• If you change the hierarchical block’s submodel, rename the block and save it to the library using the new name. This will prevent existing instances of that hierarchical block from being changed.
• Use caution if you change a parameter in a block in a submodel, then save the hierar- chical block to the library with the “Also update blocks in open models” choice. In that case, each instance of the hierarchical block will have the changed parameter value.
Changes made to the structure of a hierarchical block that is saved in a library will not be reflected in models that were not open when the change was made. In that case, open the model and replace its hierarchical block with a new one from the library.
☞ The Constant block (Value library) has an option to Retain constant if updated from hierar- chy. If that option is checked, the Constant will retain its value when the enclosing hierarchical block is updated from a library and existing instantiations of the block will not be changed inside of existing hierarchical blocks. This is useful if each hierarchical block needs a unique identifier which does not reset if the hierarchical block is updated from a library.
When presenting models to others you can show how plotter values or cloned outputs change as the simulation progresses. However, ExtendSim’s animation capabilities give a more visu- ally descriptive representation of what is happening in the model.
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