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☞ This section of the User Guide discusses ExtendSim’s 2D animation capabilities. The Extend- Sim Suite product allows simulations to be run with 3D animation – see the E3D module of this manual for more information.
Models can be animated using:
• Blocksthathavebuilt-inanimation
• To animate a block’s icon
• To animate items traveling in discrete event models
• Specialized blocks for creating customized animation
• Animation functions programmed into blocks you create
To see animation in a model:
Choose Run > Show 2D Animation. The command is now checked. Run the simulation.
Due to redrawing, animation tends to slow the simulation. You may want to leave animation on while you are testing, debugging, or presenting your model and then turn it off when you are running the model for quicker results.
Use the Animation Faster (rabbit) and Animation Slower (turtle) buttons to change the speed of the animation.
☞ If animation is running at its slowest speed, the Animation Slower button will be grayed out. Likewise, if the animation is already running at the high- est speed, the Animation Faster button will not be available.
Blocks with built-in animation
Animation buttons Left: Faster
Right: Slower
Many of the ExtendSim blocks have animation built into them. A block’s online Help says whether it is animated and, if so, which aspects are. The two types of built-in animation are:
• Animationofablock’sicon
• Animation of items traveling from block to block (discrete event models only)
Animation on a block’s icon
Some ExtendSim blocks show animation on their icons. The amount and type of animation is specific to the block and is described in the block’s Help. For example, the Holding Tank block (Value library) shows its contents relative to a minimum and maximum, the Select Item Out (Item library) shows which path items take, and the Convey Flow (Rate library) displays the distribution of its contents as the simulation runs.
Open the Reservoir 1 model (ExtendSim9\Examples\Tutorial folder.) Select Run > Show 2D Animation.
Run the simulation.
The icon for the Holding Tank shows the level of contents changing as the simulation runs.
By default the option Automatically set max and min animation is selected in the Holding Tank’s Animation tab. This causes the level to go from 0 to an estimate of the maximum value in the first simulation run; later
Holding Tank icon after animation
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