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runs will use an average of the preceding runs’ maximum as the level’s maximum value. Unse- lect this option to set your own maximum and minimum levels.
Animating the movement of items between blocks (discrete event modeling only)
The blocks in the Item library can track the movement of items with animation pictures that travel along connections between blocks.
To animate the flow of items along connection lines in a discrete event model: Select the Run > Show 2D Animation command.
Choose the command Run > Add Connection Line Animation.
Run the simulation.
The Final Car Wash model, located in the folder \Examples\Tutorials\Discrete Event, shows cars moving between blocks and along connection lines.
To see animation pictures also move along the paths of named connections:
Select the command Run > Add Named Connection Animation when Show 2D Animation is checked.
Selecting an animation picture
When Show 2D Animation is enabled in a discrete event model, pictures representing individ- ual items pass from block to block. Initially, all items are represented by the default animation picture (a green circle). You can cause a block to use any other animation picture included with ExtendSim, existing clip art, or pictures created in an external drawing package. The selection is made in each block’s Item Animation tab.
☞ To find out how to add your own animation pictures, see “Animation pictures” on page 635
For example, the screenshot at right shows the Item Animation tab from an Activity block (Item library). There are three options for 2D and 3D animation of item:
• Donotchangeitemanimation.Inthis mode, items that leave the block would have the same picture they had when they entered.
• Changeallitemsto.Thisactivatesthe 2D picture popup menu for selecting a picture to represent items as they leave the block. This is especially use- ful for showing the transformation of one type of item (e.g. cans) into another (e.g. cases of cans).
Item Animation tab, changing item picture
• Change item animation using property. With this choice, the item’s animation will change depending on its property (attribute, quantity, or priority). For this option to work, the item’s attribute, quantity, or priority must have been set in a preceding block. Then in this block you create a lookup table with properties corresponding to the desired animation pictures.
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